Escher Drawn || The Youth And Young

It’s stuff like this that makes me proud to be Scottish. I love seeing British bands breaking through and making names for themselves, but I always get stupidly patriotic when the band in question hail from my home country. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Youth And Young live, and they’ve blown me away each time. The joint lead vocal pairing of Alice Anderson and Ryan McGlone works perfectly, and the band as a whole perform with this incredible energy; it’s impossible not to have a good time watching them. I have a lot of faith that this band will break out from the local scene and go on to take on the world. Make sure you check them out!


how nice! 

Listen to my bands new song!

And so the piemaker had come to understand that home did not mean four walls and a door you never walked out of. Home was a feeling of where you belong.

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Escher Drawn


Yesterday the BBC previewed my bands new track ‘Escher Drawn’ which was a little surreal. It’s part of a much bigger ongoing work, but for now you can listen to it here. And meanwhile I will try to contain my excitement and study for my imminent ever looming exams.

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Aw man i loved this, purely for it being the start of seeing what Hannibal is going to be like once everyone knows, bring on that dark theatricality Mads.  

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I’ll do what I can to be a confident wreck,
can’t feel this way forever I mean
There wasn’t any way for anyone to settle in,
you made a slow disaster out of me

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Sometimes I get pretty confused about what ‘punk rock’ means, and then I watch a video of Laura Jane Grace (and Atom Willard) of Against Me! covering obscure 70’s cult song ‘Shivers’ and i forget that it doesn’t matter what it means to a specific definition - but this is it. 

2048: Bill Hader Edition


Bill Hader version of 2048! Because why not? 

You win the game when you get to Stefon! 

EDIT: Some people have been having problems with the link I provided — they’re not getting Bill in the brown jacket. So here is an updated link in case any of you run into this issue (I’ve also updated the main link, on top)! 


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scots in edinburgh in the summer you mean-


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There Will Be Fireworks // Here Is Where

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